Good Enough is not Good Enough: Workplace Safety

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Being good enough is acceptable for certain things in life, but in workplace safety, good enough does not make the cut. Addressing hazards that lead to risk exposure which at some point could lead to loss, needs more than ‘good enough. 

It is crucial to not only identify hazards but to put your best effort into mitigating them. 

‘Good Enough’ Mindset: What are the Causes?

There are numerous reasons why employees may tolerate risk at any given time. A few of these reasons can include but are not limited to: 

  • Fatigue – Lack of energy leads to a lack of safety in the workplace. Responsibilities of home and work can make us feel burdened and in a lack of form to conduct proper safety measures. 
  • Company culture – When management, supervisors, and coworkers model a ‘good enough’ attitude, it creates a cascading effect across the organization.  
  • Complacency – Performing the same routine day in and day out can lead to some ingenious work arounds, but with safety, its less genius, more hazardous if the proper policies and procedures are not followed on a consistent basis.  
  • Lack of understanding/training – New and even older employees may not understand the reasoning as to why certain steps are taken to work safely and avoid incidents without proper training and guidance. 

How to Avoid the ‘Good Enough’ Mindset

  • Aim for your best, always – We know the expectations that are required from us, but that is only the first step. We need to put those expectations into action. This will ensure less chance of injury, as well as building your reputation as a hardworking employee. 
  • Recognize how you feel – if you’re feeling fatigued and find yourself wanting to take shortcuts, take the necessary steps you need that avoid cutting corners. 
  • Follow policies and best practices – Reminder that they are in place to keep you and your coworkers safe, and if you happen to not have them, we can help you make them – Click here to make a Safety Program

No one expects us to be perfect but having a good enough mindset can lead to serious injuries. When we don’t fulfill our known potential, we leave a lot on the table.  

Always do your best in making the right decision, especially when it comes to workplace safety, despite some factors that tell you otherwise.

Have a great week!