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Tips to Support Mental Health in the Workplace

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Mental health was once considered a taboo topic. However, times have changed, and talking and supporting mental health in the workplace is vital to the success of your business and your employees.

In my 25-year career in Occupational Health and Safety, I have seen firsthand the massive change in the industry as it relates to the psychological and mental well-being of people.

So, today, I thought I would discuss a few tips to help support the mental health of those who work for, and with you.


This seems obvious, but if you don’t make it clear that mental health matters in the workplace, people are less likely to be open about how they are feeling. Providing resources, support, and a safe environment where people feel comfortable sharing their struggles, will help your employees feel seen and validated. If you are a leader in your industry, pave the way for others. Talk about your own mental health and reassure employees you are there to help.

Show appreciation

Everyone appreciates being valued and recognized. Make sure you celebrate achievements and successes of those around you. A simple gesture goes a long way and can make a difference in workplace morale. Often, we can take our coworkers, or employees for granted, and forget to acknowledge the great work they do. Make a point in building up others. In doing so, you will likely see an increase in work performance overall.

Recognize burn out

Burn out in the workplace is a real issue, and something that shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice differences in your employees, even if you think it’s minor, reach out to the individual. A few signs of burn out can include lack of focus, exhaustion, uninterest in their job, or irritability.

Address the situation in a kind, and compassionate manner to get to the root of the issue. By acknowledging these circumstances, you exemplify that you care and support your employees. This will also encourage others to share if they are experiencing similar feelings.

Build up your team

Provide team building exercises in, and out of, the workplace. Whether it be a monthly get together, bringing treats into the workplace or to the worksite, or a fun gathering around the holidays, building positive morale in the workplace makes a significant impact on the mental health of employees.

Employees who feel valued and supported will be more productive, ultimately benefiting themselves as well as business. Therefore, it is more important than ever to support mental health in the workplace.

Earlier this year, I was invited to speak with Lindsay Recknell on the Mental Health in Minutes! Podcast. Listen now and learn more on how we can improve a positive culture shift in our organizations.