Tips to Build Strong Relationships in the Workplace

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The connections we forge with others are significant. Fostering excellent relationships in the workplace enhances our enjoyment of work, boosts productivity, and solidifies our role as a valuable team member. Such dynamics contribute to a positive work atmosphere. Central to creating a vibrant and effective workplace is the cultivation of robust relationships. In our discussion today, we’ll explore several strategies to nurture these connections with our colleagues.

Communication is key 

If you don’t value communication in your business or organization, you will fail at fostering long lasting relationships with your employees. At every level of your business, open communication should be encouraged, appreciated, and valued. In relation to workplace safety specifically, effective communication is even more essential. If you have workers who are afraid to voice their concerns, or avoid speaking up about potential dangers, your entire livelihood is at stake. Therefore, hone your active listening skills, be open to others’ perspectives, and invite employees to share their thoughts and opinions.  

It is also key to ensure that safety policies and procedures, expectations and tasks are clearly communicated. Encourage people to ask questions, seek clarification, and further resources if needed. 

Be trustworthy 

Showing workers that you can be trusted and relied upon is exhibited through your example in the workplace. Be consistent with your actions, stay true to your word, honour your commitments, and be honest and straightforward when mistakes are made.  

When individuals feel that their co-workers, managers and bosses are trustworthy, they are more likely to be loyal, productive and enjoy the work that they do. 

“Workers at high-trust companies report 74 percent less stress, exhibit 50 percent higher productivity, and experience 40 percent less burnout.”

Harvard Business Report 

Implement team building exercises 

Regardless of the industry, it is important to build a strong team. At the end of the day, you want your employees to rely on one another. Implement regular team building activities to help nurture and strengthen bonds. Whether this be frequent toolbox talks, safety discussions, work related discussions or social gatherings outside of work, this will create a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. 

Resolve conflict 

One of the ways to build trust is by listening to your workers, and resolving conflict accordingly and effectively. This can be achieved by focusing on finding solutions that will benefit the situation, rather than placing blame or ignoring the issues. Attempt to find common ground, and compromise when needed. Always stay professional, and ensure policies and procedures are followed appropriately. 

Celebrate others 

The more you recognize and appreciate the efforts of your team, the more likely they are to be effective. Be sure to acknowledge achievements of those you work with and celebrate their wins. Give credit where it’s due and take the time and effort to offer a compliment.  

“Make acknowledgement a personal daily occurrence, not just an annual ceremony, and watch what unfolds. You don’t need to give out trophies, or even a tiny blue ribbon. You just need to see the capabilities of those around you.”


DF Safety offers a Developing Work Relationships course, which will help strengthen your relationships with your colleagues and peers, help you build your personal network, as well as strengthen your trust with others.  

When you make the time to develop your work relationships, you’ll find the reward is great. Not only will you be more successful at work, but you’ll also find yourself more engaged and enjoying work much more.