Mental Health in Minutes with Dave Ferro

The Intersection of Physical and Psychological Health and Safety

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This week Dave Ferro was invited to speak with Lindsay Recknell of Mental Health in Minutes!  

Topics covered:  

  • The future of mental health in the workplace  
  • Identify the best and most successful strategies for opening the door to mental health conversations at work  
  • Share the top ways we can engage our leadership in the workplace mental health conversation and have them endorse and pay for a positive culture shift in our organizations. 

In Dave Ferro’s 25-year career in Occupational Health and Safety, he has seen a massive change in the industry as it relates to the psychological and mental well-being of the people. 

Although the stigma around mental health is shifting, we still tend to see people put their physical health before their mental health. 

” When organizations create an environment where people feel both mentally and physically safe to come to work, they see improved profitability, better employee retention, and improved productivity. Dave explains the benefits of proactively supporting employee wellbeing, as well as how to start enacting change in your organization even if you don’t have support from your upper management”

Lindsay Recknell

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