Our Friends at The Alberta Hunter Education Instructor’s Association 

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As Safety Consultants, we work alongside various organizations in providing the services we offer. One such organization is the Alberta Hunter Education Instructor’s Association – AHEIA for short.  

AHEIA is a not-for-profit organization that works to educate the public on the importance of protecting the places and wildlife cherished by Albertans.

(AHEIA, 2022) 

AHEIA has served the hunting, fishing, and sport shooting community For the past 58 years.  In that time they have graduated 2.3 million students from its wide range of online and in-person training programs. AHEIA also certifies all Canadian Firearms Safety Course Instructors in Alberta, including our instructors at DFSafety. (AHEIA, 2022) 

AHEIA Online Courses

AHEIA offers a number of online courses including: 

  • Online Hunter Education 
  • Bear Essentials 
  • Bighorn Sheep Essentials 
  • Alberta Fishing Education (Free for a limited time) 
  • Identification of Alberta Game Fish Quiz (Free for a limited time) 

AHEIA also offers an assortment of free resources and training, such as downloadable workbooks and videos on topics like ‘making jerky’, ‘knots’, ‘creating a survival kit’, and ‘boat safety’.  

AHEIA Supported Programs 

In working towards its goal, AHEIA supports multiple programs across the region.  

Youth Programs

The National Archery in the Schools and the Youth Hunter Education Camp are two key programs that allow youth to learn skills they may not otherwise get a chance to, including new hunting and bushcraft skills.  

Shooting Targets on Plasterboard

Those who complete the Youth Hunter Education Camp will obtain certification in the Alberta Conservation and Hunter Education program as well as the Canadian Firearms Program. They will also be qualified to apply for their Wildlife Identification Number (WIN Card) and their Minor’s Permit for firearms. The camp is staffed by professionals including AHEIA personnel and volunteer firearms and hunter education instructors. 

Outdoor Women’s Program

This program has been around since 1994 and is designed to encourage women to enjoy the outdoors!  In Alberta, hunting licenses have gone from 127,020 purchased in 2016 to 151,724 in 2020.  Women represented 10% of the purchasers in 2016 and 15% in 2020.  (CBC, 2022) That is a 50% increase! The program covers a plethora of topics including fly fishing, quadding, archery, firearms basics and field dressing game.  This one tends to sell out so get your name in early!   

In closing, I would like to compliment AHEIA for all of the great work and the effort put in by both their staff and volunteers!  If you are new to hunting and shooting or are considering getting into either of these activities you should most definitely have a look at the  AHEIA Website for more information. 

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