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Stay Safe this Hunting Season

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Hunting season is in full swing, and whether you are a seasoned hunter, or just starting out, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you go. Safety and following proper procedures while enjoying this hobby are of the utmost importance and should be taken seriously. Today, let’s review some things to keep in mind before you begin your hunt to ensure you stay safe this hunting season. 

Know before you go: This is the key to hunting! Be sure to understand Alberta’s hunting regulations. Since these can change each year, it is important to be familiar with the most up to date rules and procedures before you head out. From firearm safety to wildlife conservation, ensure you are informed regarding the rules. 

Check your eyes: How is your eyesight? When was the last time you went for a checkup to ensure that you can see properly. If you can’t remember the last time you visited your eye care professional, or are due for an annual checkup, we highly recommend you do this before hunting. Your eyesight is key to your safety (as well as others) and will also help your aim. 

Are you licensed?: Depending on where, and what, you are intending to hunt, you need to make sure that you have the correct hunting license. There are a variety of licenses that can typically be obtained online or at authorized retailers. 

Firearm safety: When using firearms, remember this acronym from our Firearms Safety Course

  • Point the firearm in the safest available direction. 
  • Remove all ammunition. 
  • Observe the chamber(s). 
  • Verify the feeding path. 
  • Examine the bore for obstructions (visually or with a rod). 

If you are feeling a bit rusty, or are new to firearms, we highly suggest you enroll in one of our courses to ensure you are properly educated and informed. 

Don’t hunt alone: When possible, hunt with someone else. This is important especially if something were to happen and you require help or assistance. As well, ensure your group carries a first aid kit complete with necessary items should you need them. Whenever you head out, share your location with a friend or family member. 

Be cautious of wildlife: While hunting, there is a chance that you will encounter other wildlife along your way. Therefore, carry bear spray, and understand what to do should you encounter an unwanted visitor. 

Plan: Before you get into the wilderness, plan ahead and be aware of what crown land and privately owned land is. It is key to ensure you have permission to hunt on privately owned land. 

Be prepared: You never know what might happen when hunting. If you are going to be away from your vehicle, we recommend you carry a lighter or matches, a knife, and a compass. If you will be closer to your vehicle, keep supplies you might need handy. This could include extra warm clothes, blankets, food, as well as a full tank of gas. Be sure to dress appropriately for the elements! 

Hunting is a fun activity enjoyed by many! We want everyone to enjoy the season to the fullest, while keeping safety a top priority.