RIMScast: Occupational Safety Risks in 2022 with Dave Ferro

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RIMS (Risk Management Society) is a global not-for-profit with 10,00 members in over 60 countries. RIMS is dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management throughout the world.  

One-way RIMS works towards its goal is through RIMScast. A program that hosts leading experts in the risk world in which they share their insight and knowledge. 

In this RIMScast episode, our own Dave Ferro was invited to share his input on the following topics: 

  • Winter Safety Tips for Risk Management  
  • The Great Resignation: Loss of Skilled Personnel
  • Fatigue Risk Management  
  • How COVID-19 Factors Into the Great Resignation 
  • Harassment and Violence Policies and Procedures 
  • Hazard Assessments  
  • Emergency Response Plans in a Work/Camp Setting 

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