Post Injury Loss Reduction Wrap-Up

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This week, I would like to wrap up our blog series on Post Injury Loss Reduction. 

First of all, I would like to thank our guest bloggers: 

I appreciated the insight of each of these professionals into their prospective areas of expertise! 

So, now that we have heard from the specialists, what role does a safety professional have in all of this? 

Safety practitioners are, by nature, generalists! We know a little of all disciplines but are not typically specialists in any one area.

My role in post injury loss reduction would be to: 

Investigate the incident

Find facts and prevent a recurrence. In the case of injury incidents, there is another goal, and that is to document the facts of the case. 

These can be used to assist medical professionals (did the ankle rotate outward or inward?) or can be used for future appeals if the facts of the case do not line up with the injury. There are occasions in my career where injuries were overstated or off-the-job injuries were passed off as work injuries; thankfully, this is not the norm! I always default to believing in the employee unless there is solid evidence to question this. 

Assist the worker in the return-to-work process

Workers and companies need help when it comes to navigating the process. What forms need to be filled out? What are the rules for returning to work after an injury? Do I need a physician involved? These are all things that a safety professional will advise on and coordinate. 

Interface with Health Care Practicioners

Health care practitioners are busy people. It is important that companies have one point of contact that can develop long-term relationships with doctors and allied health care providers. This makes working together easier and a level of trust can be built which ultimately leads to a quicker post injury loss reduction.

Interface with WCB

Your safety practitioner is your first point of contact with the WCB. Our job is to ensure the WCB has enough information to make decisions and to reassure them that the worker is being well taken care of. If there is an appeal to be filed, this effort is often led by the safety professional who would bring in specialists (such as Geoff Buxton) as needed. 

Thank you for reading our series on Post Injury Loss Reduction

Thanks for tuning in and reading our series on Post Injury Loss Reduction. We hope that you were able to glean some valuable information from our guest writers and me.

If your organization needs a safety plan or guidance, give us a call, we would be happy to help.

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