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Aerial Platform – Boom Lifts & Scissor Lifts (Online)

Know How to Work in, and Around Aerial Lifts

Topics covered include:

  • Responsibilities of an aerial platform operator
  • Types of PPE, manuals and signal words
  • Types of aerial platforms and their components
  • Factors that impact machine stability
  • Aerial platform attachments and modifications
  • Walk around inspections and function tests
  • Operational hazards
  • Safe start-up, operation, shutdown, and fueling procedures
  • Scissor lift components
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This course is I-CAB Recognized and complies with the following standards: CSA standards B354.7 and B354.8, ANSI standards A92.22 and A92.24, OSHA 1926.453

This course takes approximately 105 minutes to complete.

We use live action demonstrations, animated diagrams, and interactive activities to provide you with the necessary knowledge to operate and control a chainsaw.

Topics covered are:

  • Chainsaw components and safety features
  • Types of chainsaws
  • Physical and site preparation for chainsaw use
  • Safety requirements for chainsaw use, including PPE
  • Hazard assessment, identification, and control
  • Pre-operational inspections and function checks
  • Chainsaw start-up methods
  • Cutting techniques and best practices
  • Post-operational maintenance and inspection
  • Chain filling

This course requires approximately 75 minutes to complete.

Ground Disturbance 201 Course (Online)

Learn to develop, plan, or undertake any kind of ground disturbance.

Developed for planners, managers, supervisors, and employees who are engaged in work relating to ground disturbance.

Topics covered are:

  • Damage Prevention
  • Ground Disturbance Planning
  • Preparing for a Ground Disturbance
  • The Execution and Completion of a Ground Disturbance
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Endorsed by the Alberta Common Ground Alliance (ABCGA) and contains the same course content and examination criteria as a classroom delivered course would.

This course requires approximately 7 hours to complete.

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