Manners Matter: Behaviours and Conduct in the Workplace

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Character, integrity, and personal conduct matter. They matter in our personal life, and they matter at work as well. The ways in which we conduct ourselves makes a difference in our overall ability to succeed. Individuals who show strong character and integrity develop a high level of trust and respect with others, are seen as leaders, and are looked to as an important part of the organization. 

When you take the time to strengthen your personal behaviors and conduct, you will certainly see a benefit. Let’s discuss some ways you can ensure you are conducting yourself in a respectful and professional manner in the workplace and putting your best foot forward.  

Face situations head-on 

We have all been in situations at work that we would rather avoid. However, harboring resentment, anger, or frustration will likely make the situation worse and hamper your ability to perform your job successfully. 

When an issue arises with a coworker, it is best to address the situation immediately. Speak with the person and explain how you feel, and how you the situation could have been handled better. Be open to what they have to say and work together to remedy the situation. If you continue to be faced with ongoing challenges after speaking with them, follow the chain of command and talk with your manager, supervisor, or boss to help find a solution.  

Remember to keep your conversations professional, stick to the facts, and don’t speak poorly about others to colleagues. 

Communicate effectively 

Always communicate effectively and respectfully with leadership, team members, and clients. Speak to others how you would want to be spoken to and maintain professionalism throughout all communication channels. 

Be an active listener, express yourself clearly and concisely, address team members with understanding and accept feedback (both negative and positive) with an open mind. Remember that constructive criticism is a part of any job, so it is important to learn how to digest feedback and use it as motivation to grow and improve. 

Always be accountable 

Conduct yourself as a responsible team member and be accountable in your work and the consequences of your actions in the workplace. Honour others’ time, meet deadlines, communicate when situations change, and follow up as needed with clients and team members.  

If a mistake is made, acknowledge it, and learn from it. Don’t make excuses, but apologize for the role you played, rectify the situation, and look for improvements so that it doesn’t happen again. 

Uphold your integrity 

Be conscious of your actions and be intentional in your behaviour in the workplace by upholding your integrity and ethics in every interaction. Be respectful, transparent, professional, honest with others, and demand that you receive the same.  

Stand firm in your convictions, and don’t be swayed by what others do or say, especially if it’s something that doesn’t adhere to your morals and values.  

DF Safety’s online course Personal Behaviors and Conduct, helps determine if your behaviors are consistent with the company values, if you tend to overreact to stressful situations, and teach you how to strengthen your interactions with others.  

It is imperative to your success to be a positive contributing member to your team. In doing so, you help foster a work environment where everyone feels valued and supported and encouraged to do their very best.