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Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Holidays

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If you have followed our blog for awhile, you have likely recognized how seriously we take mental health. While many organizations are taking great strides in talking about mental health, there is still plenty of room for improvement.  

Mental health is important all year long, but even more so during the holiday season. While this can be a time of great joy for many, it can also be a time of hardship and struggle for others. Therefore, we wanted to discuss a few ways you can maintain your mental health in the workplace this holiday season. 

According the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 64% of people living with a mental illness feel like their conditions got worse during the holidays. Recognizing these feelings, and seeking support play a large part in maintaining one’s mental health. 

In any social setting, it can be difficult to be surrounded by those who are enthusiastic and filled with the joy of the holiday season. There is more pressure to be social, attend events, and participate in activities that may make you feel anxious or uncomfortable. Set healthy boundaries for yourself and remember that you have the power to say no to things that will trigger your mental health. While you may feel obligated because it is your workplace, your colleagues should understand and be accommodating to your feelings. 

If you are experiencing considerable stress throughout the holiday season, ensure you are reaching out to your employers if there are issues that are needing to be dealt with, or if you require additional resources and/or support. Be sure to take your breaks as allotted and use that time to disconnect from your job and focus on something else. Whether it be reading, journalling, or going for a short walk in the fresh air, find something that helps you recharge before returning.  

For employers, have proper resources available to your staff. Stay aware of the morale in the workplace and address any issues or gaps in support. Employees want to be seen and heard, so acknowledging the importance of mental health within your own organization is one of the best ways you can encourage people to speak up and ask for help when they are struggling.  

The need for work-life balance is at an all-time high right now. Employees thrive in an environment that is conducive to them having a life outside of their job. It is the job of the employer to do their part and acknowledge its importance.  

We know that the holiday season can be challenging, and we encourage you to reach out for support if you find yourself struggling.  

Mental health and the holidays are something that people need to be aware of and continue discussing. This holiday season, show a little extra kindness, and offer a helping hand if you see someone in need.