Children going trick or treating

Halloween Safety Tips

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Happy Halloween!  

Today will be filled with fun and excitement for kids of all ages! With that, comes distraction and not necessarily thinking about safety. We wanted to remind you of a few things to keep all the ghosts and ghouls safe tonight while trick or treating.  

Street safety 

For kids who will be walking (or running!), be sure to remind them to cross safely at intersections and crosswalks. Make sure they aren’t darting out in between vehicles and are allowing drivers time to stop before they make their way to the other side of the street. It’s also a good idea to stay to the left of the sidewalk, to avoid slipping onto the road.  

For motorists, be on high alert. As we mentioned above, kids will be excited and will likely be distracted. Despite best efforts, they may forget all about safety practices. Drive below the speed limit, don’t use your phone while operating your vehicle, and be prepared to make sudden, and frequent, stops.

Costume safety 

Make sure your kiddos are dressed for the weather. As our days get shorter, the evenings are certainly chilly! Therefore, put a layer underneath costumes, add some gloves, and ensure they have comfortable, and well fitting, footwear. It’s also a good idea to make sure costumes aren’t dragging on the ground to avoid any trips along the way.  

While masks are common, it is important kids can see properly. If possible, consider using makeup in place of Halloween masks that can interfere with vision. 

Reflective tape, stickers, or glow necklaces are a great addition to your kiddo’s costume and will also help them stand out in the dark. This is especially helpful when they are crossing the street, or in a darker area of a neighbourhood.  

Trick or treating safety

For younger kids, parents of course will go along with them. However, for older children, make sure they stay in a group, and stick together. Avoid homes without lights on and never go inside an unknown home or vehicle.  

Trick or treat in areas that are well lit and have plenty of foot traffic. For older kids, having a cell phone is convenient to stay in contact, and be able to reach out should something happen.  

In preparation for trick or treaters, make sure you have a light or two on so everyone can see where they are going. Depending on the weather, make sure you have a clear path to your home to avoid trips and slips!  

We hope your Halloween is filled with plenty of treats, and maybe a few tricks! Stay safe out there and have fun… safely!