Safety resolutions for the new year

Five Safety Resolutions for the New Year

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In just a few days, we will ring in the new year! It is hard to believe 2022 is almost over. As we quickly approach 2023, we wanted to use this opportunity to discuss five safety resolutions you should make in the new year for your business.  

Review policies and procedures 

With any policy and procedure, it is important to ensure it is checked regularly and is current. Review the last year and consider how you might improve protocols in, and around, your business. When it comes to safety, it is important not to become complacent. Therefore, regular updates and check ins with proper policies and procedures is key.  

If you aren’t sure where to start or require a consultation, DF Safety can assist you with this step. 

Inspect equipment 

As we head into the new year, this is a resolution you don’t want to ignore. Make sure all your equipment and gear are in excellent condition and meets required safety codes. If there are improvements that need to be made, take the necessary steps to have everything in proper, working order.   

Start the year off right, and ensure your employees are ready to hit the ground running safely and comfortably. 

Check in with employees 

Consider implementing a year end review with your employees. The best way to understand the culture of the workplace, and uncover gaps in your system, is to speak with those who work for you. Allow a space where they can offer suggestions, ways to improve, and inform you on what is or isn’t successful.  

While you won’t be able to meet with every employee, management and those in senior positions is a great place to start. This way, they can bring issues needing to be addressed to your attention. 

Seek resources 

There is a plethora of resources available to employees and employers that will help ensure your workplace is a safe one. DF Safety offers a variety of courses, and we invite you to look to see if there are some that would benefit you or your organization.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to chat with you. 

Make safety a priority 

While this may seem redundant, safety should always be top of mind when it comes to running a successful workplace. Your employees should always feel like all the proper steps and procedures are in place. If an emergency should happen, they understand how to proceed.  

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy 2023! With these five resolutions, we hope that you will be well on your way to providing your employees with the workplace they deserve. 

Make your own resolutions and start the year off safely!