Elevate Your Customer Service

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The fastest, most cost-effective way to differentiate yourself is to focus on your service. Customer service can no longer be average or just friendly; it needs to be remarkable. Prioritizing outstanding customer service is essential to your business for many reasons, the most important being retention.  From building positive relationships with your customers to nourishing loyalty, your clients are the heart of your success. Today, we’d like to offer some tips to keep in mind to help elevate your client experience. 

Know who you serve 

One of the most important things you can do is understand your customer’s needs, preferences, values, and challenges. Take time to consider who you are working with, and the ways in which you can provide outstanding customer service. 

Communication is key 

When dealing with people, whether good or bad, is it imperative to provide clear and concise information. If a customer raises concerns, use positive and empathetic language, and be sure to acknowledge their feelings and experience. Use the opportunity to find a solution that remedies the problem and creates a feeling of being appreciated, valued, and respected. Be responsive and timely in your communication, stay true to your word, and follow up as needed. 

“What people remember is what subconsciously tells them how they feel. How they feel is what they tell other people about your business, and so on.”


Practice active listening 

People want to be heard. Therefore, to elevate your customer service, employ active listening. As described by Verywell mind, this type of listening is about seeking to understand, and being a mindful and focused participant in the conversation.  

Active listening includes the following: 

  • Being present 
  • Maintaining eye contact (when applicable) 
  • Using and noticing non-verbal communication 
  • Asking open ended questions 
  • Stating what has been said back to the person 
  • Listening to understand 
  • Avoiding judgement

Active listening is a great tool to use to not only provide exceptional customer service, also to gain a better understanding of their experiences, allowing you to learn and grow from each interaction. 

“In communication, active listening is important because it keeps you engaged with your conversation partner in a positive way. It also makes the other person feel heard and valued.”

Verywell mind 

Get personal 

Everyone appreciates personalized service. Therefore, take the effort to learn your customer or client’s names, information about who they are (such as their family or career), and take a genuine interest in getting to know them. This will not only make them feel special but will help maintain loyalty and continued business.  

Encourage feedback 

Actively seeking out customer feedback is an excellent way to grow and learn. Encourage people to offer suggestions, positive feedback, and ways in which you can improve. This is an important facet of your business and can help you better identify areas that need addressing as well as those where you are exceptional. 

Continuous improvement 

As with any component of your business, continuously improving is key. Therefore, regularly review and update your customer service processes. Prioritize adequate training of your employees and be clear with expectations from them. Consider what works, and what doesn’t and how you can make customer experiences even better. Educate yourself about industry best practices, and weave those into your policies and procedures. 

Excellent customer service is an ongoing commitment. It requires dedication and providing the very best to each customer and client you serve. If you are interested, DF Safety offers a Customer Service course to help you and your team deliver remarkable service. Please contact our team today if you have any questions.