School zone safety

Drive Safe! Especially in School Zones

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With kids fully back to school, and settling into their routines, we thought it would be great to remind people of the importance of safe driving, especially in school zones. So, whether you are picking up your kids from school, or passing through one on your way home from work or while running errands, there are a few simple things you can do to keep everyone safe! 

School zones have rules in place for good reason and following said rules will ensure you do your part to keep kids of all ages out of harm’s way. 

Follow the speed limit 

Feel the need for speed? Not in school zones, my friends! Reduced speed means you have more time to react in case of emergency. Children are not always aware of what is happening around them. Kids get excited, distracted, and make mistakes. Therefore, as a driver, you need to always follow the recommended speed limit.  

The speed limit in school zones in Alberta is 30km/h. Since 2018, the City of Edmonton refined all school zones into playground zones. This means that the speed limit is set every day from 7:30am-9pm, including weekends. Hours may vary, so be sure to check the rules that apply to where you are live. 

Use caution around buses 

Children are getting on and off buses, while others may be crossing the street behind or in front of them, so it is imperative to use caution when passing. Check your surroundings, slow down, and be ready to make a sudden stop if needed. Buses also have significant blind spots, which means using care when maneuvering around them is extremely important.  

Don’t be distracted 

Distracted driving is never a clever idea, no matter where you are driving. However, this is even more important when passing through a school zone. When you drive distracted, you put everyone at unnecessary risk.  

Did you know? According to AMA Alberta, “drivers who text are eight times likelier to be involved in a crash or near-crash compared to non-distracted drivers, and distracted driving causes more fatal collisions than impaired driving in some parts of Canada.” 

Keep your eyes off your phone and keep them focused on the road! 

The safety of others, and yourself, should always be top priority when operating a motor vehicle. Being extra cautious, staying alert, and keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes in front of you, will help ensure all children make it home from school safely.  

Do your part and keep these tips in mind the next time you drive through a school zone!