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Dave Ferro is an occupational health and safety expert with over 25 years of experience. He is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional, a Construction Safety Officer and a member of the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering.

Dave Ferro

Dave Ferro Safety Ltd. began as a one man consultancy in 2017, initially performing work in Alberta, across Canada, and has grown to supply expertise on projects as far afield as Sweden and Ecuador.

We work with a very diverse group of companies and industries including construction, oil and gas, mining, tunneling, manufacturing, retail businesses and health care.

Our core values include

Honesty • Integrity • Adaptability

We have long standing good relations with First Nations groups including an ongoing partnership with our very first client: Tribal Chiefs Education and Training Services Association (TCETSA)!

While we are growing, we maintain that "small company" feel and strive to provide excellent and personable service to our clients.

Indigenous Relations

After meeting with the Tribal Chiefs Education and Training Association (TCETSA) in 2016, Dave Ferro became interested in the subject of Indigenous Relations and studied towards a Citation in Indigenous Community Engagement at the University of Alberta. Dave then went on to produce the safety program for TCETSA's Tiny Homes initiative and received the Partner Recognition Award for our work with Tribal Chiefs Education and Training Association (TCETSA) in 2022.

DF Safety is commited to welcoming everyone in our facility, treating all with diginity and respect. We continue to discover new partnership opportunities with TCETSA and other Indigenous organizations. We feel it's important to educate and advocate when we have the chance to give input on safety policies.

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"Dave and I worked closely together for nearly 4 years in the safety field. Few people have had the opportunity to report to someone who can not only lead a team but who is also a coach and mentor.

Dave is one of those rare people who combines determination with good humor that is needed to bring a team together. He is a wealth of knowledge and earns my highest recommendation."

- Deanna Kean, Director of Operations, Solace Safety

Featured Work

DF Safety provided consulting on the building of The Nine Dragon Wall in the Edmonton Chinese Garden Society in partnership with Centuryland Homes.

Although a shorter project for us, it was certainly one of the most memorable. We were retained to evaluate how to install 7,000lb stone blocks and ensure it was completed without incident as these irreplaceable works of art were carved in and shipped from China!

We reviewed the drawings and the installation method, then monitored and advised on the physical installment.

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Dragon Wall

What people are saying about Dave Ferro

"Dave Ferro is one of the best among all professionals I have ever met. Hardworking and proactive... Dave follows the best OH&S guidelines and is an excellent problem solver. I can highly recommend working with him."

- Inam Jan, BSc, CIH, CSP, CMIOSH, Health Safety Security and Environmental (HSSE)
"Dave is one of the friendliest and profesional people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He is incredibly easy going and had great relationships with the rest of the members of his group."

- Kevin Kiejko, Software Quality Assurance Analyst
"Dave was able to marshal a national effort to consolidate safety work across the country into a unified loss management... Dave's commitment to safety is unparalled."

- Gord Winkel, Director, Chair, David and Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management
"Dave is a great safety professional whose leadership and technical expertise has led to creating a positive safety culture. He is a joy to work with, is committed to continously improving and an effective communicator."

- Micah Ho, Occupational Hygienist
"As a WCB consultant I have worked with Dave over a number of years on complex and challenging cases. Dave is adept at managing safety on large projects and providing modified work for what would otherwise be a time loss claim."

- Curtis Forbes, Employer Consultant, Rebate Consulting
"With years of valuable experience in safety consulting and managing large-scale projects, Dave definitely knows how to manage expectations and is always open to discuss ideas and suggestions."

- Hannah Verano, HSER Advisor, Cenovus Energy
"Dave's cool and calm demeanor, coupled with the knowledge of how the construction is to progress every day, promotes a sense of understanding that is second to none when it comes to providing the proper guidance to all subtrades."

- Roger De Mare, Bird Construction
"Dave as an HSE Director and an individual demonstrated an array of knowledge within various realms of the construction industry... He engages those around him to better themselves and to think outside of the box."

- Mike Kambouroff, NCSO, COHS

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