7 Reasons Why You Should Love Safety

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Today, some will celebrate Valentine’s Day. But do you know what we love all year long? If you guessed safety, you would be correct! We believe that this is something that should be prioritized in every workplace, and there are many reasons why you should feel strongly about it in relation to your business.

Today, let’s chat about 7 reasons why you should love safety. 

1. Prevents accidents

Safety is essential to helping avoid accidents in the workplace. By establishing and communicating proper safety practices and procedures, you reduce the likelihood of injuries among your employees.  This is in addition to the associated emotional toll and financial costs related to workplace incidents. 

2. Employee satisfaction 

    Keeping your workers safe is key. Employees who don’t feel safe in the workplace can lead to higher turnovers in your company. If employees are put in unsafe situations, aren’t prepared, or have been injured, they are more likely to seek other employment. Therefore, it is important for your business to ensure the safety of those working for you is a top priority.  

    3. Workplace productivity 

    As we mentioned above, employee satisfaction is improved by ensuring safety remains the top priority. When safety is promoted and encouraged, you will see an increase in productivity and efficiency among your workers. Employees are better able to focus their time and energy on the tasks they are responsible for, rather than worrying about problems or issues related to their well-being. 

    4. Builds a strong team 

    Teamwork is imperative. When a team is cohesive and works well together, individuals are more engaged, more productive, and are more satisfied at work. A great team environment benefits everyone including individual employees, managers, and the organization. 

    5. Reputation of your business 

    It’s no surprise that word of mouth, and the recommendations of others play a key role in the success of your company. Businesses who don’t invest in workplace safety are more likely to get a reputation of being unsafe employers, which can impact your organization significantly. As a business owner, individuals should want to work for you, and speak highly of your company. For this reason, ensuring a safe workplace is imperative.  

    6. Cost savings  

    There are significant implications that can arise when accidents happen in the workplace. Investing in safety manuals and procedures is something every business owner should take seriously. A company can face serious consequences if an employee is injured at work. Not following rules and guidelines may lead to severe legal impact, as well as financial loss. Safety is not an area you should cut corners on! 

    7. Legal repercussions 

    The Alberta Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act outlines the standards for health and safety practices in Alberta workplaces. The OHS Act ensures businesses follow such practices and being non-compliant can result in heavy consequences. These can include fines, imprisonment, corporate probation, or a combination of the above. 

    Did you know that if you have more than 20 employees, Alberta Legislation requires that you have a safety program in place?  DF Safety can help! 

    Our safety program development process is delivered in a four-step process: 

    • Consultation 
    • Creation of customized safety plan 
    • Review and finalization 
    • Training and implementation 

    Contact us today, and let’s get started on developing your safety manual and/or systems, so that everyone can love safety all year long.